Aqua Patio & Culvert Retaining Walls

Driveway Culvert Retaining Wall 49 Image

Aqua Patio & Culvert Retaining Walls This backyard patio was plagued with water problems because of the slope of the yard.  With nowhere for the water to go, an Aqua Patio was a great solution that solved the problem.  The driveway culvert and retaining walls are about 5 feet tall.

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Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard Boulder Planter Screen with Paver Sidwalk and Patio 7 Image

Backyard Landscape Design and Installation: Boulder planter to to screen view of neighbors with paver brick sidewalk and paver patio in Rockford, IL

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Pond Stairs

Stone Steps to Pond 3 Image

Residential landscape design and installation: Stone stairway leading down to a backyard pond. Wall block steps are free jointed to allow for movement with the frost and will not crack like concrete steps.

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